The education and evaluation of vitamin consumption effects on stress markers oxidative after exercise.

"The purpose of the research was to evaluate the effect of 4-week vitamin C and E supplementation on the markers of oxidative stress after exercise session in students. 30 non-athlete persons volunteered for the study and were given vitamin C and E supplementation (1000 mg per day)and control groups (without vitamins receiving). After 4 weeks of supplementation, all the participantsin an aerobic exercise session consisting of running on a treadmill at -10° incline and 80% VO2 max with 2 min rests between sets. Blood samples were taken before and after supplementation and after exercise. Normalized data were analyzed by SPSS software by using of repeated measures ANOVA,Bonferroni test, and independent samples t-test at 5% probability significance level. The results indicated that vitamin C and E supplementation before and after exercise significantly increased antioxidant capacity. It also prevented post-exercise increase in malondialdehyde and creatine kinase levels. Four weeks of vitamin C and E supplementation increases serum total antioxidant capacity which prevents exercise-induced oxidative stress and high increase in serum creatine kinase levels in students."

— Cemil Tugrulhan Sam

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